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About Us

GamersBounty Powered By Clout-Cloud, is a online tournament for gamers.
All events take place between 5pm-10pm EST, Monday-Sunday.


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$ 1,400

This Weeks Total Giveaway

We give users the chance to play online to either compete on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and soon for PC. Players compete for gift cards valued between $20-50 a week! Place top 100 in of these events and be eligble for the biweekly $200 Cash Prize Tournament.

$4/Week or $12/Month

For only $4/Week or $12/Month users can compete to win a Playstation or Xbox Gift Card valued between $20 and $50 a week and even $200 EVERY Friday! For every 100 games you complete, earn a $20 Code. Codes will be Instantly sent to your email.

User friendly Dashboard

Our user dashboard is easy to navigate, We allow our users to send each other game invites, send each other messgaes over PVP chat and verify games after submission.

Track Your stats

Track your most recent games in the bracket that you played for!

Is GamersBounty Legal?

Yes, GamersBounty isn't giving away any VC, VG, Apex Coins, VBUCKS, or any other In-Game Currency. We aren't charging users to pay for gift cards, GamersBounty is gifting users Gift cards based on the amount of points earned in the user dashboard, (view rules section to learn more about the points system and how they are earned or visit our Privacy Policy.) Subscriptions for this site are for accessing and registering for tournaments in order to earn points and recieve their gift cards. All content, games titles, trade names and/or trade dress, trademarks, artwork and associated imagery are trademarks and/or copyright material of their respective owners.
Unfortunately, a handful of states have banned participation in skill based competitions for cash. If you live in one of the following states, you may not play for cash prizes on GamersBounty Powered by Clout-Cloud:
Arizona, Iowa, and Louisiana
GamersBounty is not associated with NBA2k, Take 2 Interactive, The NBA, Respawn Entertainment, Origin, EA, RESPAWNENTERTAINMENT, Fornite, or Epic Games. Powered by Clout-Cloud

Is GamersBounty Safe?

Yes, GamersBounty is powered by clout-cloud. The sites network and information that is stored is 100% secure, which viewers can see by checking the sites "https" status and the Lock Icon indicating our SSL is active.

We don't ask for any emails/passwords to your Xbox, Playstion or PC account(s). We do not store any payment methods as our checkout method is powered by paypal.

Our CloudFlare allows our site to have 24/7 DDoS protection, which means we wont be vulnerable to a DDoS attack or any downtime. Which also adds security against violaters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we list a few of our FAQ and answered them!

Is this free?

Unfortunantely no, to prevent duplicate, multiple, or fake accounts created by the same user and to allow users to earn rewards weekly, we give users the option of choosing a $4/week or $12/month subcription.

How do I earn Points

View the rules section below!

How will I Recieve My Reward

All winners will recieve their code to their email within 30minutes of completion of event.

What do i get for playing 100 games?

For every 100 games you play, recieve a $20 gift card to your registered email with the current console/system thats in the profile.

What games are this for?

GamersBounty is currently only doing give aways for the games NBA2k19, APEX LEGENDS and FORNITE Other games will be added soon.

What console/system is this for?

GamersBounty is only for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and soon for PC.

How It Works

All events take place between 5pm-10pm EST, Monday-Sunday.

Sign up and complete your profile!

After you register for your account, you will be sent to your profile where you validation your information, such as your gamertag, ect..and choose your console (choosing your system will determine which code you will recieve.)

Choose Membership and register

Choose your subsription, either $4/week or $12/month. If you were sent here by a streamer/youtube video. Enter the their unique code to support them! Then choose which event and bracket you want to enter under the events tab.

Submit games!

For APEX LEGENDS, NBA2k19, and FORTNITE request matches from users on the leaderboards that has an IDLE status, which means they are registered and ready to play, but not currently in a match. Users with the status "In A Match" are currently in a match.All 2k games must be on 3v3 Court. Winners of each match, screenshot or take a picture of the final scoreboad after the game is complete and submit your game in the submit games/appeal game tab. Fill in the fields and attach your image! Within 15Minutes your points will be updated for winner and loser of the match as well as rank also.



Earning Points

To earn points a user will have to beat another user in the same bracket. (visit the leaderboards tab after registering for an event to view other players in the bracket.) Players can play each other up to only 2 times in 1 day. Once the game is complete the winner will have to send in a screenshot of the game using the upload system in "submit games" tab. Once sent in we will verify the game. Within 15 minutes of submission if theres no appeal, the game will be verified. Winners will recieve 500 points + 10% of their current points. Losers will earn 250 points and no bonus. (For Apex and Forntite, 1 Kill = 100 Points, 1 Assist = 50 points.)

Appealing a Game (lag out loss)

If you complete a game and a user appeals the game, the user appeals the game will have to send in a screenshot of the error message screen, along with a teammate sending you a 30 sec. clip of you lagging out. If this requirment isnt met, the game will continue to count as a loss. If everyone lags out (server lag) both users can either rematch or move along.

Violating TOS or Rules

Violation of the Terms and Conditions and/or the Rules will results in either a suspension or ban of the users account. Timespan of the ban will be determined on the violation. If a user abuses the appeal system or is found not to be using or submitting correct information, account will lead to a ban.